Larval Onyx Cranberry - Shower Gel - 400ml

Larval Onyx Cranberry - Shower Gel - 400ml

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Larval is a new line of care that joins the newly founded Onyx Company to produce healthy hair and skin care products with natural ingredients that are effective in restoring skin freshness and hair shine.

We offer you a variety of products from which you choose to suit your need and your problem whether for skin or hair and arrive with you for a good result that satisfies you.

With a dedicated team to help you choose the best fit for you, and nominate effective groups with your nature to resolve your problem quickly.

With e-services such as ordering through our website, delivering our products to your door, paying electronically, inspecting the product before use and following up with you as a guide to correct and safe use.

Start your journey with us, for healthy hair and always safe skin.

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