Run Way Cuticle Remover - 60006 - Treatments

Run Way Cuticle Remover - 60006 - Treatments

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Leave behind your tried-and-true nail polish and indulge in the New. Runway nail lacquer offers colors that require no touch ups all week and that commit to your nails just as much as you do. Fall in love with intense, shine that lasts until you take it off. The unique formula introduces a powerful binary network of resins that interact together to extend the nail polish longevity and shine making it chip proof. The unique formula enhances the nails’ health through the UV filter that prevents discoloration and yellowing of the nails.


Give your nail color extra life with Runway’s nail lacquer. All you need is one coat that locks in the color for up to 5 days guaranteed and just in time for the next fresh color of your choice. The customized formula allows longer lasting color and dazzling shine all in only few instant-drying moments.


Runway’s too good to be true nail lacquer formula has proven a long lasting durability for up to 5 days maintaining the same color saturation and magnificent shine. For an even more vibrant color, %90 of our fans go for a second coat making double dipping not only okay but favored.


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