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Calvin Klein Euphoria For Women - EDP - 100ml
3,155.00 EGP 2,400.00 EGP
Jacomo Silences - EDP - For Women - 100ml
1,275.00 EGP 1,030.00 EGP
Calvin Klein Beauty - For Women - EDP - 100ml
2,080.00 EGP 1,450.00 EGP
Givenchy Organza - For Women - EDP - 100ml
4,775.00 EGP 3,155.00 EGP
Gres Cabotine - Women - EDP - 100ml
1,205.00 EGP 875.00 EGP
Lancome La Vie Est Belle - EDP - For Women - 100ml
6,940.00 EGP 4,810.00 EGP
Mancera Roses Vanille - For Women - EDP - 120ml
4,625.00 EGP 3,660.00 EGP
Aigner Debut By Night - Women - EDP - 100ml
1,760.00 EGP 1,225.00 EGP
Aigner Too Feminine - Women - EDP - 100ml
1,545.00 EGP 1,345.00 EGP
Ajmal Rain Drops - EDP - For Women - 50ml
670.00 EGP 533.00 EGP
Ajmal Sacrifice - For Women - EDP - 50ml
1,225.00 EGP 815.00 EGP
Ajmal Wisal - For Women - EDP - 50ml
1,625.00 EGP 1,286.00 EGP
Azzaro Twin - For Women - EDT - 80ml
1,260.00 EGP 880.00 EGP
Benetton Hot - EDT - For Women - 100ml
845.00 EGP 660.00 EGP
Burberry Touch - For Women - EDP - 100ml
2,795.00 EGP 1,940.00 EGP
C-Thru Emerald Shine - For Women - EDT - 50ml
180.00 EGP 146.00 EGP
Cacharel NOA - For Women - EDT - 100ml
2,940.00 EGP 2,260.00 EGP
Calvin Klein Eternity - EDP - For Women - 100ml
2,275.00 EGP 1,505.00 EGP
Christian Dior Miss Dior - EDP - Women - 100ml
8,815.00 EGP 5,820.00 EGP
Davidoff Cool Water - EDT - For Women - 100ml
1,970.00 EGP 1,399.00 EGP
Dorall Loyla - For Women - EDT - 100ml
135.00 EGP 111.00 EGP
Dorall Monte Carlo - EDT - Women - 100ml
135.00 EGP 111.00 EGP
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  • For daily adventures, your new fragrance should make you smell irresistible and give you confidence. It should become your signature fragrance, something that people are going to remember you by. From season to season, occasion to occasion, the fragrance can differ. The right mix of perfumed deodorant and other skin care is also recommended to balance the fragrance and make it last longer.
  • Women's fragrances mostly contain floral notes like jasmine, rose, orange blossom, or valley lily. For perfumes for women, fruity notes, powdery notes, vanilla, and spices are also very common.
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  • Eau de Toilette: As it is a light perfume appropriate for long summer days, this fragrance style appears to be worn mostly in the summer. It can have from 5-15% pure perfume essence. It seems to last around 3 hours.
  • Eau de Parfum: This stronger fragrance lasts about 5-8 hours with around 15-20 percent pure perfume essence. Many prefer to wear this as an everyday fragrance in colder months.