Guess Sexy Skin Tropical Breeze - Women - Body Mist - 250ml

Guess Sexy Skin Tropical Breeze - Women - Body Mist - 250ml

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  • Indulge in the captivating allure of Sexy Skin's Tropical Breeze, a 250ml body mist crafted for the modern woman seeking a touch of exotic luxury in her everyday routine. This enticing body mist is a celebration of tropical splendor, carefully curated to transport your senses to sun-kissed beaches and lush paradises.

  • Fragrance Profile: The fragrance opens with a burst of zesty citrus notes, awakening your senses with the freshness of ripe tropical fruits. As the mist settles, a floral bouquet unfolds, featuring delicate blossoms that evoke the sensation of a gentle breeze through a tropical garden. The base notes are a harmonious blend of warm, sun-soaked woods, leaving a subtle, lingering scent that is both alluring and sophisticated.

  • Long-lasting and Refreshing: The lightweight formulation of this body mist ensures a long-lasting, refreshing experience without overwhelming the senses. Spritz it on for an instant mood lift, whether you're heading to work, a social event, or simply pampering yourself at home.

  • Skin-Friendly Formula: Formulated with care, Sexy Skin Tropical Breeze Body Mist is gentle on the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and subtly scented. The 250ml size is perfect for on-the-go use or as a luxurious addition to your daily beauty ritual.

  • Chic and Elegant Packaging: Housed in an elegant and sleek bottle, the design reflects the sophistication of the fragrance within. The convenient spray nozzle allows for a fine and even application, making it a pleasure to use.

  • Versatile Usage: Spritz on pulse points for a subtle, lingering scent or generously apply for a more pronounced presence. Suitable for day or night, this body mist is a versatile accessory that complements your style effortlessly.

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